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Final Better Streets Plan

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Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

The Better Streets Plan Community Advisory Committee (CAC) provided directed input into the plan development.

There are no additional CAC meetings scheduled at this time.

Past CAC Meetings

CAC Meeting Date
CAC Agendas
CAC Minutes

 May 5, 2008

Download PDF: BSP-CAC_Agenda_05.05.08.pdf85 kB  

 April 7, 2008

Download PDF: BSP-CAC_Agenda_04.07.08.pdf90 kB  

 March 3, 2008

Download PDF: BSP-CAC_Agenda_03.03.08.pdf90 kB Download PDF: Minutes_CAC_03-03-08.pdf173 kB
 February 4, 2008 Download PDF: BSP-CAC_Agenda_02.04.08.pdf92 kB Download PDF: FINAL_Minutes_CAC_02-04-08.pdf166 kB
 January 7, 2008 Download PDF: BSP-CAC_Agenda_01.07.08.pdf87 kB Download PDF: BSP-CAC_Agenda_01.07.08.pdf152 kB

 December 3, 2007

Download PDF: Final_BSP-CAC_Agenda_12.03.07.pdf91 kB

Download PDF: FINAL_Minutes_CAC_12-3-07.pdf148 kB

 November 5, 2007 Download PDF: BSP-CAC_Agenda_11.05.07.pdf91 kB Download PDF: FINAL_Minutes_CAC_11-5-07.pdf146 kB
 October 1, 2007 Download PDF: BSP-CAC_Agenda_10.01.07.pdf79 kB Download PDF: FINAL_Minutes_CAC_10-1-07.pdf149 kB
 September 10, 2007 Download PDF: BSP-CAC_Agenda_09.10.07.pdf87 kB Download PDF: FINAL_Minutes_CAC_9-10-07.pdf153 kB
 August 6, 2007 Download PDF: BSP-CAC_Agenda_08.06.07-FINAL.pdf79 kB Download PDF: FINAL_Minutes_CAC_8-6-07.pdf164 kB
 July 2, 2007 Download PDF: BSP-CAC_Agenda_07.02.07-FINAL.pdf78 kB Download PDF: FINAL_BSP_CAC_Minutes_7_2_07.pdf34 kB
 June 4, 2007 Download PDF: BSP-CAC_Agenda_06.04.07-FINAL.pdf83 kB Download PDF: FINAL_Minutes_CAC_6-4-07.pdf121 kB
 May 7, 2007 Download PDF: BSP-CAC_Agenda_05.07.07.pdf68 kB Download PDF: DRAFT_Minutes_CAC_5-7-07-FINAL.pdf142 kB
 April 2, 2007 Download PDF: BSP-CAC_Agenda_04.02.07-FINAL.pdf66 kB Download PDF: BSP-CAC_Minutes_04.02.07.pdf132 kB

 March 5, 2007

Download PDF: BSP-CAC Agenda 03.05.07-FINAL.pdf79 kB Download PDF: Better_Streets_Plan_Minutes_3.05.07-FINAL.pdf80 kB

 February 5, 2007

Download PDF: BSP-CAC Agenda 02.05.07-FINAL.pdf72 kB Download PDF: Better Streets Plan Minutes 2.05.07.pdf75 kB

 January 8, 2007

Download PDF: BSP-CAC_Agenda_01.08.07-FINAL.pdf78 kB Download PDF: Better_Streets/Better Streets Plan Minutes 1.08.06-FINAL.pdf94 kB

 December 4, 2006

Download PDF: BSP-CAC_Agenda_12.04.06-FINAL.pdf45 kB Download PDF: Better_Streets_Plan_Minutes_12.04.06-FINAL.pdf60 kB

 November 6, 2006

Download PDF: BSP-CAC_Agenda_11.06.06-FINAL.pdf78 kB Download PDF: Better_Streets_Plan_Minutes_11.06.06.pdf53 kB

 October 16, 2006

Download PDF: Better_Streets_Plan_Agenda_Oct_16_2006_agenda.pdf42 kB Download PDF: Better_Streets_Plan_Minutes_Oct_16_2006.pdf105 kB

Note: Click on the PDF icon PDF to download document.

CAC Members

Jason Patton, chair
Pi Ra, vice chair
John Bela
Rene Bihan
Manish Champsee

Emily Drennen
Timothy Dunn
Alexandra Hernandez
Marcie Keever
Jessie Lorenz
Jane Martin
Roger Rose
Nancy Strahan
Amy Tanner
Amy Tran

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San Francisco Planning Department, Department of Public Works, Mayor's Office on Disability, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Municipal Transportation Agency, Countywide Transportation Authority

This project is made possible by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority
through a grant of Proposition K Local Transportation Sales Tax Funds.